Tom Stuart_001In 2006, Pastor Tom Stuart launched Interactive Church Resources with a penetrating question driving him. He asked, “Imagine how much more effective preaching could be if you had access to a congregation’s thoughts, struggles, and reactions right as you were speaking. For a communicator who desires to connect with listener’s needs and engage them at deeper levels of thought, that would be a dream come true.” That was the driving force behind the early days of I.C.R. and still motivates and underlays all we do today. Tom utilized I.C.R.’s Audience Response Systems (A.R.S.) at his church, Bridgewood Community Church, as well as supplied A.R.S. to local and national Christian conferences and denominational conventions. It seemed the need for real-time audience feedback in a safe environment was hitting a chord in today’s church climate.

Mark 004In late 2015, Tom transitioned I.C.R’s leadership to long-time friend and ministry colleague, Pastor Mark Lenz. Having worked together at Bridgewood and being a mentor to Mark, Tom knew that handing the reigns to Mark was a natural, God-ordained transition that would ensure the same commitment to top-notch customer service, business ingtegrity, and passion to empower ministry would continue long into the future.