Case Studies

Research of ARS use in Higher Education has found:case-study-icon

  • It increases attendance – 87% more likely to attend class.
  • It increases participation – 72% more likely to participate in class.
  • It increases engagement – 79% of students agreed it was helpful to
    know how their responses compared to the rest of the class.
  • It increases learning retention – Winona State University (MN) –
    documented that the percentage of students who were able to pass an Introduction to Business course increased from 62% to 97%.

Source of first 3 stats: Two Semester Research project managed reed | group, LLC in partnership with Thomson Learning, Turning Technologies and University of Illinois

Did You Know?

“Just 9 percent of pastors said their church thoroughly evaluates its efforts – and a majority of leaders admit that evaluation never occurs or is ineffective when it does. One of the unfortunate outcomes is that many pastors lose objectivity about their ministries. . . What tools and methods do you use to evaluate yourself, your ministry and your church as candidly and accurately as possible? What’s keeping you from evaluating your church in the ways and to the extent you should? Yes, its an investment of time, money, energy and emotions. But God’s people – and your ministry – deserve nothing less than your best efforts.”

                                                                                                                                                                               The Barna Report